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6th March 2012

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Whitney Houston

We grew up listening to her songs, well in my case, I frequently hear my mom singing her songs since I was a kid.  My mom loves singing in the karaoke almost everyday when she’s at home.

Obviously, Whitney Houston was a legend, an undying legend, she became an inspiration to aspiring singers of today and I believe she will still become an inspiration for future generations.  

But sadly, she had to face a terrible end.  What’s with celebrities taking up illegal drugs?  What drives them to do such a thing?  Why ruin their life?  Illegal drugs is not the answer to anyone’s problem.  It will only make things worst for you and for the people around you.

Whitney Houston was a good example and also a bad example.  If you cant make yourself happy, make other people happy, why waste your money on drugs and risk your life if you can use that money to help others instead?  

I’m not one to speak coz I don’t have an idea why she did it, she threw it away, all the years that she should have lived and the opportunity to sing more for the people and for her fans.  I tell you Whitney, it was not worth it.  

But we thank you for being an inspiration and people will never forget you and the feeling that we get whenever we hear your songs.

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